Hobbit door with pink flowers
Hobbit door with pink flowers
Hobbit door with pink flowers
Hobbit door with pink flowers
Hobbit door with pink flowers
Hobbit door with pink flowers

Hobbit door with pink flowers

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These rounded magical doors are inspired by the hobbit houses of The Shire that appear in The Lord of the Rings. Its decorated with pink flowers and abeautiful hinge.

Its magical appearance and bright tones will give a touch of light to any room, causing surprise and joy to anyone who observes it.

It is handmade with polymer clay and is a unique model. Polymer clay is a light and resistant material so, although it must be treated with care, it is not fragile at all.

Thanks to the stairs, it can stand alone on any flat surface, but I will still send you some adhesive dots in case you want to fix it to a vertical surface (the wall, a piece of furniture,...)


If you feel that your life is gray, stressful and boring, this little fairy door will brighten your home and life with its colorful flowers. It is a unique design, because we are all different, unique and valuable, and we all need a magical door in our life to remember magic, fairies, unicorns and everything amazing that exists in the world.

You can place it outside, in your fairy garden, between your plants, on the porch, next to the front door... It is also suitable as a children's bedroom decoration (children will live magical adventures with this fairy door feeding their imagination) and the best part is that you will start enjoying it the moment you receive it because it is very easy to install and the necessary adhesive is included in the package.


      ✨ Size: approx. 14x14cm, 5.5x5.5inch

      ✨ Made of polymer clay

      ✨ There is only one like her, each one is unique in design.

      ✨ Easy to install (it is very light and the adhesive is included)

      ✨ Very detailed, you won't get tired of looking at it

      ✨ Suitable for outdoor decoration

This door can be used by all types of fairies, elves, gnomes and kind magical beings that exist and that you want to attract into your life. Thanks to these small doors, fairies will be able to enter your home and your life, bringing joy, luck and hope. You can also use them to go to new realities, magical worlds or new opportunities, they are actually a door that you can open.


It can withstand rain and sunlight, but avoid exposing it to intense and constant sunlight.

To clean it, if you have it indoors, simply dust it from time to time. You can use a soft brush to remove all the dust, including the dust in the corners and recesses.

If you have it outdoors and it gets dirty with mud, simply remove it by gently rubbing with a cloth slightly dampened with water. I recommend not applying any chemical products as they can react with the polymer clay and ruin the finish.

Remember that these doors are decorative objects and are not intended to be used as toys.


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