Christmas door "Window to Santa's...
Christmas door "Window to Santa's...
Christmas door "Window to Santa's...

Christmas door "Window to Santa's workshop"

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Magic Christmas door made of polymer clay. This little door will bring all the magic of Christmas to your home in an instant. Includes adhesive dots for quick and easy installation.


This miniature Christmas door has a glass window in the center and it's decorated with candy cane and holly, very Christmassy elements that will make this little door a magnet for all eyes and become your most exclusive and original Christmas decoration.

All the doors have their key and padlock, but remember that they are enchanted and can only be used by magical beings, if we try to use them ourselves they may break.

The door itself is made with polymer clay which is a light and resistant material. If some dust accumulates, you can remove it with a soft brush, no more is necessary. I recommend that you do not apply any chemical products as they can react with the polymer clay and ruin the finish.

To store it from one year to the next, I recommend using the shipping box itself and ensuring that it does not have any weight on it.

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